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BABT British Approval Board for Telecommunications: BABT certifies products and services in the fields of IT and telecom.
BALL-GRID ARRAY (BGA) A flip-chip type of package in which the internal die terminals form a grid-style array, and are in contact with solder balls (solder bumps), which carry the electrical connection to the outside of the package.
BASE COPPER Copper foil provided in sheet form or clad to one or both sides of the laminate to be used as either internal or external layers of a circuit board.
BASE LAMINATE The dielectric material upon which the conductive pattern is formed.
BBT Bare Board Test
BED-OF-NAILS Test method that uses an array of contact pins to test components.
BILL OF MATERIALS (BOM) The source of information for all components of an assembly.
BOARD Short for printed circuit board.
BUILD-TO-ORDER SYSTEMS ASSEMBLY Build significant volume of units based on forecast, typically a base unit or standard configuration. Ship to either OEM warehouse or distribution warehouse.
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