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C Capacitance
CAD Computer-aided design. A system where designers create a design and see the proposed product in front of them on a computer monitor.
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAF Conductive Anodic Filamentation (or Conductive Anodic Filament growth). An electrical short which occurs in PWB’s when a conductive filament forms in the laminate dielectric material between two adjacent conductors under an electrical bias.
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CARD Another name for a printed wiring board.
CARD-EDGE CONNECTOR A connector which is fabricated as an integral portion of a printed wiring board along an edge(s). Often employed to enable a daughter or add-on card to be plugged directly into another much larger printed board, the motherboard or backplane.
CBGA Ceramic Ball Grid Array.
CEM-1 A NEMA grade of industrial laminate having a substrate of woven glass surfaces over a cellulose paper core and a resin binder of epoxy.
CENTER-TO-CENTER The nominal distance between the centers of adjacent features or traces on any layer of a printed circuit board. Also referred to as ‘pitch’.
CGA Column grid array
CHANNEL ASSEMBLY When the channel, such as distributors, dealer or VARs, performs BTO or CTO functions themselves or outsource the manufacturing function.
CHARACTERISTIC IMPEDANCE A compound measurement of the resistance, inductance, conductance and capacitance of a transmission line expressed in ohms.
CHECK PLOTS Pen plots that are suitable for checking only.
CHIP An integrated circuit manufactured on a semiconductor substrate and then cut or etched away from the silicon wafer.
CHIP SCALE PACKAGE (CSP) A chip package in which the total package size is no more than 20% greater than the size of the die within.
CHIP-ON-BOARD (COB) A method of affixing unencapsulated integrated circuits onto a printed wiring board using a wire bonding process.
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIRCUIT DESIGN Ability to design the circuit logic that allows electronic components to perform a specific function.
CMOS Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
CNC Computer Numerical Control.
COMPACT FLASH Introduced by Sandisk in 1994. One-fourth the size of a PC card, 36 mm long, 43 mm wide and 3.3 mm thick. ATA interface. Uses 50 pins. Takes a passive adapter to use it in a PC card slot.
COMPACT PCI Compact PCI is a modern, very high performance and robust industrial bus based on the standard PCI electrical specification.
COMPLEX SYSTEMS ASSSEMBLY Ability to assemble and test systems that involve large scale assembly, integration, staging and product support; that require extensive testing and configuration; have high part counts/complex BOM management require engineering changes and accelerated testing (e.g. HASS, power cycling).
COMPONENT ENGINEERING The service of applying engineering know-how to the processes of component selection, application and procurement. Can provide analysis of new trends in electronic devices.
COMPONENT HOLE A hole used for the attachment and electrical connection of component terminations, including pins and wires, to the printed circuit board.
CONDUCTOR A thin conductive area on a printed circuit board surface of internal layer usually composed of lands and traces.
CONFIGURE-TO-ORDER SYSTEMS ASSEMBLY Takes an already built or partially built unit and adds specific peripherals and software for individual customer order. Ship direct to customer.
CONTAMINANT An impurity or foreign substance whose presence on printed circuit assemblies could electrolytically, chemically, or galvanically corrode the system.
CONTINUITY An uninterrupted flow of electrical current in a circuit.
CONTRACT MANUFACTURING The practice of making products or subcomponents of products to be sold under a different company’s name.
COOLDOWN The period in the reflow process after peak temperature when the temperature drops to the point where the solder joints fuse or solidify.
CORE The copper foil laminated fiberglass panel that printed circuit boards are built upon. Also known as substrate panel or interlayer.
CORE COMPETENCIES Those functions or practices deemed by a company as central to its existence. Those activities that the company believes it does best, should focus on and that are in the company’s best interest for long-term success and growth.
CPU Central Processor Unit
CS Chip Scale
C-SAM C-mode scanning acoustic microscopy
Chip-scale package
CTE Coefficient of thermal expansion
CUSTOM PACKAGING The ability to add accessory and FRU items, unique to the customer order, for end distribution. This could involve adding promotional items, country-specific kits for accessories including keyboards, power cords and literature, and shipping to the customer in a wide assortment of end-packaging requirements.
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