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D CODE A datum in a Gerber file which acts as a command to a photoplotter/laserplotter.
DARPA Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency
DCA Direct Chip Attach
DESIGN VALIDATION Provides a process that subjects a design to a series of stress tests to determine its robustness.
DESMEAR Removal of epoxy smear (melted resin) and drilling debris from a hole wall.
DFA Design For Assembly
DFM Design For Manufacturability
DFT Design for test
DI De-ionized Water
DICY Dicyandiamide, the most common cross-linking agent used in FR-4.
DIELECTRIC CONSTANT The ratio of the capacitance of a capacitor with the given dielectric to the capacitance of a capacitor having air for its dielectric but otherwise identical.
DIGITAL CIRCUIT A circuit which operates like a switch (it is either “on or “off”), and can make logical decisions.
DIMM Dual In-Line Memory Module: a small circuit board that holds memory chips a single in-line memory module (SIMM) has a 32-bit path to the memory chips whereas a DIMM has 64-bit path. Because the Pentium processor requires a 64-bit path to memory, you need to install SIMMs two at a time. With DIMM's, you can install memory one DIMM at a time.
DIP Dual In-Line Package. A type of housing for integrated circuits.
DMAB Dimethylamine Borane
DOCK-TO-STOCK A supplier quality management practice that allows a component or product to enter into a company without going through an incoming inspection upon arrival at the receiving dock.
DOS Disk Operating System
DOUBLE-TRACK Slang for designs with two traces between DIP pins, hole centers.
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory: a type of memory used in most personal computers.
DRC Design Rule Check
DRY FILM SOLDER MASK A solder mask film applied to a printed board with photographic methods.
DSP Digital signal processor
DTF Double-treated foil
DUT Device Under Test. A DUT board is used in automated testing of integrated circuits.
DWDM Dense wave division multiplexer
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