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ECA Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association
ED Electro Deposited
EDFA Erbium-doped fiber amplifier
EDI Electronic data exchange
EDO DRAM Extended Data Out Dram. A DRAM that holds the data on the system memory bus until the beginning of the next cycle. Named to distinguish it from FPM DRAM which removes the data from the memory bus before the completion of the cycle.
EDX Energy dispersive X-ray
ELECTROLESS A chemical deposition process where copper is deposited onto an outerlayer panel without an electrolytic source.
ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE (EDI, E-BUSINESS, E-COMMERCE) The electronic transfer of data over a network.
ELECTRONIC MANUFACTRUING SERVICES (EMS) The industry based on providing manufacturing services for electronics OEMs.
ELV End-of-Life Vehicle
EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS (COMMUNICATIONS, COMPUTER, INDUSTRIAL AND CONSUMER) A system that is located entirely on a processor. All logic is contained in a single chip.
EMC ElectroMagnetic Compatibility
EMI ElectroMagnetic Interferance
EMS Electronics manufacturing services
END OF LIFE MANUFACTURING Generally involves the support of low volume new build to support service demand where the return rates from service do not support the service demand rate. Will involve BOM management, AVL management , material recovery, order management, manufacturing tool archives.
ENIG Electroless nickel, immersion gold.
ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) A packaged application that enables a company to automate almost every aspect of its operations by tying its ERP databases to its intranet and extranet and allowing full browser access to them.
ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS SCREENING A process by which components or assemblies are tested at the extremes of their normal operating conditions, usually in terms of temperature and voltage limits, for a period of hours or days in order to detect early life defects. It is not meant to be a destructive test.
E-pad “Engineering-pad.” A plated-through hole or surface mount pad on a PWB placed on the board for the purpose of attaching a wire by soldering.
ESD Electrostatic discharge
ET Transfer efficiency
ETCH RATE The rate at which the solution attacks or etches a surface.
EU European Union
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