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LAMINATE THICKNESS Thickness of the base material, not including metal-clad, prior to any processing. Applies to single, or double-sided material.
LAMINATION The application of a photoresist to a printed circuit board through the use of heat, pressure and time.
LAND A portion of a conductive pattern usually, but not exclusively, used for the connection and/or attachment of components. Also called ‘pad’.
LANDLINE CONNECTIONS Landline is a term used by wireless system operators to refer to the regular telephone network. Sometimes called the wired network, but because the wireline cellular phone usually operates the wired phone network, the term landline is preferred.
LEAD A terminal on a component
LEAD TIME The Toa time a customer must wait to receive a product after placing an order.
LGA Land grid array
LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT Manages the reverse flow of defective product from the end user through the various steps to repair and then back out to the end user. Will involve inventory management, remote stocking location management/re-provision, reverse logistics, advanced exchange, warehousing, external shipping/receiving, freight carrier management, scheduling, forecasting, import/export, freight data collection, turnaround time metrics.
LOGSTICS AND DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT Logistics involves the sorting, warehousing and shipping of raw goods and finished product. Distribution management focuses on direct shipment to the end user.
LPG Laser particle guidance
LPI, LPISM Liquid Photoimageable Solder Mask: A mask sprayed on using photographic imaging techniques to control deposition.
LSI Large scale integration
LST Localizable stick-together
LTCC Low-temperature co-fired ceramic
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