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MANUFACTURING AND TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP Providing a strategic outline of what manufacturing and technology methods, machines and process will be used.
MASK A material applied to enable selective etching, plating, or the application of solder to a PCB.
MATERIALS REQUIREMENT PLANNING (MRP) Original manufacturing business software that focuses only on planning the manufacturing materials and inventories and does not integrate planning for other resources, like people or machine capacity.
MCM Multi-Chip Module
MECH Mechanical.
MECHANICAL DESIGN Ability to do physical designs that accomplish a specific function through the work of electronic subassemblies and mechanical parts and sub-assemblies. Gears, sheet metal, assemblies, fans are some of the mechanical sub-assemblies.
MEMORY CARDS Memory sub-system in the PC card (PCMCIA) or other form factors used for memory capacity expansion.
MEMORY MODULES A self-contained modular memory sub-system used to configure or upgrade computers and other electronic systems.
MEMS Microelectromechanical systems
MFG Manufacturing
MIC Monolithic integrated circuit. An integrated circuit formed upon or within a semiconductor substrate with at least one of the circuit elements formed within the substrate.
MICRO BGA (MBGA) Micro ball grid array is anything less than 1.27 mm.
MICROETCH The chemical process of removing a thin layer of copper from the copper surface of an interlayer or outerlayer panel, leaving a rough surface topography.
MICROINCHES A unit a measurement in millionths of an inch. A common unit of measurement in the printed circuit board industry.
MIL Military
Mil One thousandth of an inch, or 0.0254 mm.
MINI PCI Standard that covers modem and multi-function expansion cards for use primarily in notebooks and other portable devices.
MIPS Million Instructions Per Second: This is a rating of how quickly a processor can process instructions. A processor rated at 100 MIPS can process 100,000,000 instructions per second.
MIS Mounting and Interconnection Structure
MIS Manufacturing Information Systems
MLB Multi-layer Board
MPU Micro-Processor Unit
MRC Manufacturing Rules Check
MSL Moisture sensitivity level
MTF Multilayer Thin Film
MUDA An activity that consumes resources but creates no value-i.e., waste.
MV Microvia
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