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NAIL HEADING The flared condition of copper on the inner conductor layers of a multilayer board caused by hole drilling.
NC DRILL Numeric Control drill machine. A machine used to drill the holes in a printed wiring board at exact locations, which are specified in a data file.
NC DRILL FILE A text file which tells an NC drill where to drill its holes.
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NET A collection of terminals all of which are, or must be, connected to each other electrically.
NETLIST List of names of symbols or parts and their connection points which are logically connected in each net of a circuit.
NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Provides a business process to help the customer achieve a cost-effective quick-to-volume production design. The process is most effective when the customer engages at the concept phase of the product’s development cycle. It can include technology selection, design, test and material strategies, DFX, Component, design and development engineer services and rapid board and system proto build services.
NODE A pin or lead which will have at least one wire connected to it.
NORMALITY The measure of free acid in a solution. A pH of 7 would be considered normal
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