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OE Optoelectronic
OPEN Open circuit. An unwanted break in the continuity of an electrical circuit which prevents current from flowing.
ORIGINAL DESIGN MANUFACTURER (ODM) A business model/product manufacturing method where a product is designed and assembly is performed upon receipt of functional requirements for a type of product. In the typical ODM model, the manufacturer designs the complete product. In other cases, the ODM may rely on a combination of original design capabilities for some assemblies/components and off-the-shelf components and assemblies to meet the customer requirements. This allows for the greatest level of customization and product differentiation.
ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER (OEM) The company behind the “brand name” of a product.
OSP Organic Solderability Preservative
OUTSOURCING The practice of subcontracting.
OXIDE A chemical treatment to inner layers prior to lamination, for the purpose of increasing the roughness of clad copper to improve laminate bond strength.
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