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PAD The portion of the conductive pattern on printed circuit boards designated for the mounting or attachment of components. Also called ‘land’.
PANEL The copper foil laminated fiberglass panel that printed circuit boards are built upon. Also known as substrate interlayer or core.
PARTS MANAGEMENT Serial number tracking, EC management, parts exchange, configuration management, FGI levels, secondary channel sales, parts sale/restocking, advanced sales, sub-contract repair management.
PASSIVE COMPONENT A device which does not add energy to the signal it passes, e.g., resistros, capacitors, and inductors.
PBGA Plastic ball grid array
PC CARDS Personal Computer: A computer device packaged in a small card about the size of a credit card and conforming to the PCMCIA standard.
PCB Printed circuit board. A flat plate or base of insulation material containing a pattern of conduction material.
PCB’s Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl compounds
PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect: a local bus standard developed by Intel Corporation. Most modern PCs include a PCI bus in addition to a more general ISA expansion bus. Many analysts, however, believe that PCI will eventually supplant ISA entirely.
PCM Pulse code Modulation: a sampling technique for digitizing analog signals, especially audio signals. PCM is used with T-1 and T-3 carrier systems. These carrier systems combine the PCM signal from many lines and transmit them over a single cable or other medium.
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association.
PDA Personal digital assistant
PEEL STRENGTH A test performed to determine the adhesion strength of bonded materials to the printed circuit board.
PGA Pin grid array
PI Polyimide
PIN A terminal on a through-hole component.
PINHOLE A minute hole through a layer or pattern.
PINK RING The dissolution of oxide near a drilled hole causing a “pinkish” discoloration of the copper.
PIN-THROUGH-HOLE (PTH) A method of soldering electrical components to a board substrate that involves pin-through-hole connections.
PITCH The nominal distance between the centers of adjacent features or traces on any layer of a printed circuit board. Also referred to as ‘center-to-center spacing’.
PLATING RESISTS Material over conductive areas used to prevent the plating of the covered areas.
PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier. An SMT chip package that is rectangular or square-shaped with leads on all four sides.
PNB Normalized bumping performance
POKA YOKE A mistake-proofing device or procedure to prevent a defect during order taking or manufacturing.
POLYMERIZE To unite chemically two or more monomers or polymers to form a molecule with a higher molecular weight.
PQFP Plastic Quad Flat Pack
PREPREG A fiberglass cloth impregnated with resin used in multilayer lamination. Also known as B-Stage Material.
PRINTED CIRCUIT A circuit for electronic apparatus made by depositing conductive material in continuous paths from terminal to terminal on an insulating surface.
PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD LAYOUT The process of transforming the electrical design (functional or logical representation) into a physical object (physical layout of placing components and routing of interconnect wires).
PRINTER CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY Second-level integration of active and passive devices (electrical, electronic, optical and/or mechanical) on a rigid substrate.
PROCESS DEVELOPMENT Tailoring or building manufacturing methods for technology mix elected by customer.
PTH Plated-through-hole. A hole in a PWB with the metal plating added after it is drilled.
PULL SYSTEM A system that eliminates the primary source of waste-overproduction-by producing only what customers want, when they want it. This means starting production only when the customer pulls.
PWA Printed wiring assembly.
PWB Printed wiring board.
PWBA Printed Wiring Board Assembly.
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