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TAB Tape automated bonding
TAE Test analysis engineering
TAKT TIME The available production time divided by the rate of customer demand. For example, if customers demand 240 products per day, and the facility operates 480 minutes per day, takt time is two minutes. Takt time sets the pace of production to match the rate of customer demand and becomes the heartbeat of any Lean system.
TDR Time Domain Reflectometer. A device which a board house can use for measuring characteristic impedance of a conductor on a printed board, thus insuring an accurate build for controlled impedance.
TENTED VIA A process whereby the via completely covers both its pad and it plated-through hole. This process completely insulates the via from foreign objects, contamination and protects against accidental shorts.
TERMINAL A point of connection for two or more conductors in an electrical circuit; one of the conductors is usually an electrical contact, lead or electrode of a component.
TEST COUPON An area of patterns and holes located on the same fabrication panel as the actual PWB, but separate from the electrical circuits and outside the board outline.
TEST TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP Providing a strategic outline of what test will be included in the design and manufacturing life cycle.
TESTING Providing ways to check the functionality of components, sub-assemblies, assemblies and/or a finished product. Tests can include, in-circuit tests, functional tests and systems tests.
TG Glass transition temperature
TIME DIVISION MULTIPLE ACCESS (TDMA) System for digital cellular service that increases capacity by multiplexing, or time-slicing, a radio signal. TDMA improves cellular calling capacity by 300%, and improves security because it cannot be picked up :in the clear” by an ordinary radio. Note: The U.S. cellular industry has endorsed TDMA as its choice for cellular upgrades, and some TDMA systems are being installed in major markets. All these TDMA systems are “dual standard” equipment, so analog phones, cell sites, and switches work in TDMA networks.
TSOP Thin small-outline package
TURNKEY A type of outsourcing method that turns over to the subcontractor all aspects of manufacturing including material acquisition, assembly and testing. Its opposite is consignment, where the outsourcing company provides all materials required for the products and the subcontractor provides only assembly equipment and labor.
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